Watch and Jewellery Repairs in Potters Bar

At Garnier the Jewellers, we understand how much sentimental appeal your favourite jewellery items and timepieces have. Unfortunately, wedding rings, engagement rings, watches and other items sustain wear or damage through continued use. We know that our customers in Potters Bar won’t want to replace some of their favourite items, so we offer a complete range of jewellery repairs and watch repairs to restore damaged pieces of value.

Our jewellers also understand that some customers might prefer to wear a new item and one of the best ways to raise money for a purchase is to bring your old jewellery and watches to our premises in Hoddesdon, just 11 miles from Potters Bar. We pay cash for gold and always give our customers the best possible rates based on current market conditions.

Jewellery Repairs

With Garnier the Jewellers, there’s never any need to worry about middlemen or having your damaged pieces sent to a company you don’t know or trust. We undertake jewellery repairs at our own onsite workshop, using a combination of traditional skills and innovative techniques to leave wedding rings, engagement rings, necklaces, bracelets and other items looking like new. Our jewellery repairs include a full diagnostic and restoration service.

Our Potters Bar customers can relax knowing our jewellers have the training required to work with gold, silver and all other precious stones and metals. Bring your jewellery to us for a free and fast analysis. If we can’t perform an economical repair, our jewellers give an honest appraisal of your options and even offer to pay cash for gold on broken pieces.

Wedding rings and engagement rings, in particular, have a value all of their own. As well as providing jewellery repairs for our visitors from the Potters Bar area, Garnier the Jewellers also resizes wedding and engagement rings. We can reduce or increase the size of any ring by opening the body and removing or adding matching link pieces as required.

Watch Repairs

Timepieces have a sentimental value, no matter which era they come from. We pay cash for gold watches to those looking to raise money for purchases but most of the people we meet from Potters Bar with damaged timepieces prefer to use us for watch repairs. Garnier the Jewellers performs watch repairs from the same workshop as we undertake jewellery repairs so, once again, there are never any middlemen or other companies involved.

People often receive watches as a gift, sometimes as a birthday or Christmas present but also as a memoir of passing a graduation, reaching retirement age or achieving something special in life. We know how hard it is for our customers to let these precious pieces go.

Watch repairs include complete overhauls and restorations, but we also perform everyday tasks like watch and battery replacements too. Dial and case restorations are never a problem, no matter who manufactured the watch, and if you come from Potters Bar and would like to have a timepiece personally engraved, we can take care of that for you too.

When it comes to jewellery repairs, watch repairs and receiving the fairest amount of cash for gold wedding and engagement rings, no other company in Hertfordshire treats you as well as Garnier the Jewellers. We look forward to meeting you in the very near future.

For more information on jewellery and watch repairs, call 01992 463781. We offer a friendly, personal and reliable service to customers from the Potters Bar area.