Jewellers in Sawbridgeworth | Engagement Rings and Watch Repairs

Located close to Sawbridgeworth in Hoddesdon, Garnier the Jewellers offers a complete service range to customers from the Hertfordshire area. Naturally, we sell wedding and engagement rings, bracelets, necklaces and distinctive timepieces for today’s discerning wearer. Our company also performs jewellery repairs and watch repairs. For those with unwanted jewellery, we pay cash for gold at the fairest, most competitive market rates.

If you usually visit a jewellers on occasional trips to a shopping centre, we think you’ll find more to our services near Sawbridgeworth than with major retailers who often lack the personal touch. On this page, we answer questions on engagement rings, jewellery repairs and watch repairs, and explain why we’re a better option with “cash for gold” services.

What makes you different from other jewellers?

Garnier the Jewellers first opened its doors to customers from Sawbridgeworth in 1962. We’ve maintained our independent status for over 55 years because nothing matters more to us than close customer relations. To the big-name jewellers in shopping centres, you are little more than just another face. At Garnier, you are the most important person in our business. That’s the way it is today, and the way it has always been since our inception.

We also differ greatly from “cash for gold” companies that trade online and only accept your items by post. It’s impossible for reputable jewellers to trade online or by post without compromising service, and even harder to give a fair, transparent and accurate valuation.

Do you pay cash for gold on any item of jewellery?

Within reason, we certainly do. At Garnier the Jewellers, we’ve met plenty of people from Sawbridgeworth who no longer feel the same attachment to their favourite pieces. Some simply want to sell us their gold, while others want to use the money against the price of new wedding or engagement rings. Other want cash for gold on unwanted items to fund the cost of jewellery repairs or watch repairs on the items they actually do want to keep.

Whatever your reasons for visiting our outlet in Hoddesdon, we pay cash for gold at the fairest prices and always make an accurate valuation based on current market rates.

Can you help me to size engagement rings without my fiancé being present?

Yes. Wherever possible, Garnier the Jewellers recommends that you find out the size of your partner’s finger by bringing in another ring discretely or asking somebody else to find out the details in secrecy ahead of proposing. This way, customers from Sawbridgeworth stand a better chance of finding engagement rings in our stock line for immediate wear.

If you like something from our selection of engagement rings that isn’t the right size, we perform jewellery repairs and adjustments to ensure the perfect fit. While we will almost certainly need your fiancé to visit us for this type of work, the resulting finish makes everything worthwhile – an important consideration on a piece that people wear for life.

Do you undertake jewellery repairs on other items?

Absolutely, and we also perform watch repairs for your favourite timepieces. Wedding rings and engagement rings seem to be our most common repair items because they undergo everyday wear, whereas bracelets, necklaces, studs and earrings only see occasional wear. Whichever type of piece you need restoring, Garnier the Jewellers is here to help with tailored jewellery repairs that always leave Sawbridgeworth customers feeling satisfied.

In the rare event that jewellery repairs are impossible to perform, we pay cash for gold on these items so you’ll still walk away from our jewellers with something in your pocket?

Which watch repairs do you undertake?

We perform repairs on wristwatches, pocket watches and clocks. Any timepiece, from any era, falls within our scope. Watch repairs include mechanical work, strap replacements and the fitting of new batteries. Visitors from the Sawbridgeworth area can also have cosmetic watch repairs completed at Garnier the Jewellers, a truly local business for local people.

While this page answers a small selection of your likely questions, we know that you’ll probably have your own queries to put to us. Call us by phone or visit us in-store, and we’ll do whatever we can to assist you. Come and see us once, and we think you’ll never need to concern yourself with the less personable jewellers which you might already be using.

For more information on jewellery repairs and watch repairs in Sawbridgeworth, call 01992 463781. We offer a friendly, personal and reliable service.