Cash for Gold and Jewellery Repairs in Ware

Garnier the Jewellers is an established outlet, located in Hoddesdon, which has served many customers across Hertfordshire since first opening its doors in 1962. We have loyal returning clients from areas such as Ware, who use us for wedding and engagement rings, gift ideas and our full range of supporting services – including jewellery repairs and “cash for gold”.

Gold, even in times of austerity and recession, is a safe investment. Prices fluctuate from day to day but even in comparison to the rates available a few years ago when it was more valuable, we still offer exceptional cash for gold returns. Our rates are competitive and, at Garnier the Jewellers, we believe our customers in Ware will struggle to find other outlets locally to match our offers on engagement rings, watches, earrings, studs and more.

With unscrupulous companies offering cash for gold through postal services, we think it’s better to come to our shop for a fairer and more accurate valuation. Our jewellers do business on a one-to-one basis and never send your valuables to companies which only have an interest in profits. We test and weigh gold accurately before offering you a value.

Our “cash for gold” services are suitable for anybody in Ware who has fallen out of love with an older item, or who might have damaged pieces and don’t want to concern themselves with jewellery repairs. While we prefer not to dwell on the bad times, offering cash for gold even allows you to salvage something from unwanted wedding and engagement rings.

Redeeming Gold for Jewellery

At Garnier the Jewellers, we also exchange gold items against the cost of new pieces. We often discuss deals where we offer our Ware customers a higher value for gold if they want to make a new purchase, such as an engagement ring or something from our gift selection. We have many different types of engagement rings in stock but, if we don’t have what you’re looking for on our shelves, we can always make something to your specifications.

If you need jewellery repairs on other items but can’t afford to pay for them outright, cash for gold might cover the work on a precious necklace or a favourite watch. Garnier the Jewellers opens 6 days a week for jewellery repairs and welcomes new business from the Ware area. We also extend a warm welcome to those from other parts of Hertfordshire.

Visit us now to receive cash for gold offers or to organise jewellery repairs. We are located just a short journey from Ware. Alternatively, call our jewellers on 01992 463781.